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Winchester Rifles


- Winchester Model 250

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Gun Collection Appraisals



For most accurate appraisals, please forward detailed pictures to

appraisals (at) after payment.


Collection appraisals from GunCollectionsOnline is a premium service that will provide an unbiased professional opinion regarding the value of a firearm collection.


For large collections, we provide doorbell service, firearm factory reports, Factory Certified letters and other special services!  Contact us for more details -


Let our experts help you get an idea of what you have and let you know which items are best items in your collection.


While free gun appraisals and values can be obtained from GunCollectionisOnline's website, you can order a more detailed firearms or gun collection appraisal by contacting us at: appraisals (at)


If information is available, the cost for these reports will be $40 per gun

Please attach pictures, include serial numbers and a detailed description of any condition issues.  We will contact you with any questions within 24 hours and prepare a report on each gun which usually contains information on estimated values you can expect from your local gun store, as well as what you can expect using our marketing efforts, year your gun was manufactured, and any special features your gun was purchased with.







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